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Dubblestandart was founded in 1988 by Paul Zasky, Robbie Ost, Martin Marek and Gerhard Warnung, first starting with the production of experimental dub tapes and hard-core dub reggae live-shows with Christoph Kaiaba aka Rootscontroller on the microphone. Each of the members having grown up in a middle-class environment, the DS musicians came together between the ages of 17 and 19 and soon embodied a kind of rebellious image within the conservative Austrian pop scene.

The dub scene in Austria was nonexistent at the time, so it was Dubblestandart doing their thing, basing everything they did on reggae and dub: Inspired by people like the Upsetters' black-ark sound, I-Roy, On-U-Sound, Jah Shaka, and the rest of the reggae & dubadelics, Dubblestandart developed a different kind of reggae - one influenced by post-new wave and psychedelic pop.

Always surrounded by people from the so-called illegal underground, the group soon started to voice their support of the legalization of marijuana in response to, and vehemently opposing, the destruction of young lives inherent in the increasing use of alcohol and chemical drugs among teenagers and young adults.
Raising awareness of and combating Austria's high degree of racism, the lobbies in local politics, the media's superficiality and society's manipulation on the part of the business community constitutes Dubblestandart's raison d'etre as well as some of its main political causes.