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Dubblestandart took part in the DANCEHALLFIEBER project: a compilation of sixteen tracks contributed by German, Austrian and Swiss dancehall & reggae artists: All lyrics are in German. Dubblestandart supplied the tune Das Ventil - Keep The Fire Burning, which is a cover version of a song originally performed by Marcia Griffith.

Aside from their work with Dubblestandart, DS-founder Paul Zasky & co-producer/ former drummer Robbie Ost produced tracks for their electronic project, RunnersHigh. In the year 2000, a variety of songs and/ or albums featuring a RunnersHigh track have been released: The 12-inch vinyl 10 TONS OF DOPE featuring Dillinger & RunnersHigh was produced in Jamaica and released on Palz Productions, owned by Devon Denton. The track Disrespect has been released on the CD ELECTRONIC RESISTANCE, a compilation intended to support the cause of protesting against Austrias controversial rightwing government. During summer Runners High released the 12-inch vinyl DEBUT, which contains six tracks, most of which could be considered breakbeats. Two songs complete this production, one of which featuring German lyrics.

In summer 2000, Rolling Stone magazine produced the CD DUB AND BEYOND as an add-on to one of their issues, containing songs from Sly & Robbie, Dub Syndicate, Bim Sherman, as well as Mad Professor. On this compilation, Dubblestandart is featured with their song Dinkel Dub from the 96 release VIENNA DUB MELANGE. This enabled Dubblestandart to be put on the world map in one fell swoop, disseminating their cool, hip and smooth DS sound effectively among a huge audience. This very sound did not go unnoticed, among others, with the German reggae & dub label echo beach, who as a result have decided to release Dinkel Dub on their forthcoming KING SIZE DUB sampler, to be released in the early spring of 2002.