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Immigration Dub

It's a long way from Kingston to Vienna. Not quite as far as Tokyo, though?, but what about London? The Central Station of modern dub sound! On-U Sound started here, Nick Manasseh emerged from Brixton ? probably the third best place to find heavy bass sounds anywhere in the world ? with the exception of Jamaica and the "Troublecompressor-Headquarter" in Vienna, Dubblestandart?s home and the best place for European bass guerrilla cuts driven by political awareness and spirituality. Straight from Vienna, the hometown of Mozart and Haydn, Dubblestandart started in the early 90's and chose dub music as their musical lodestar.

Working as a backing band for Dillinger, Lee Perry, Topcat, Lilian Allen and recently Ari Up on her European and American tour, has finely honed their live skills. Their live sets are like sessions ? with the style responding to the vibes of the audience - interacting with them while dubbing ...!

In 2006, during their Canadian Festival circuit, they made an overwhelming appearance on stage in collaboration with the "Sugarhill" backing band (Doug Wimbish, Skip McDonald, Keith Le Blanc) and Adrian Sherwood on the mixing desk - a.k.a Tack>>Head or Little Axe.

Stunning ...and a link to their new album. It appears that these guys from Vienna have decided to develop the path of the On-U sound production stage further many years ago when On-U disappeared from the market for different reasons !

No doubt about it: cover versions like Wadada (Dub Syndicate) or MPLA Dub (Tappy Zukie) or Money Money (Horace Andy) or When I Fall In Love (with the original Ken Booth vocals), sound like a new On U Sound act. The new album could almost be a landmark album by "Dub Syndicate meets Strange Parcels meets Revolutionary Dub Warriors". An incredible fusion of hi-tech, vintage synthesizers and analog effect units, merged with solid dub beats, whilst experimenting with different styles that depart from the reggae norm.

In 2002 they released the critically acclaimed "Streets Of Dub" album on Select Cuts. In 2004 the "Heavy Heavy Monster Dub" album showcased collaborations with Sly & Robbie, Dreadzone, Manasseh, Mad Professor, Keith Le Blanc, Seven Dub, Sounds From The Ground, Mikey Dread and Carl Douglas. 2006 saw the release of "Are You Experienced", an outstanding and powerful -vocal versus dub concept- displaying Dubblestandart's ability to reflect vibrations of a planet on the edge to collapse.... a production heaving the listener to another dimension. More scratch, more sounds, more song writing infused with "Dub to be good...Vibes" featuring Ariup, Gudrun, Camel, Noa More and G-Rizo.

2007 - the year of identity and consciousness - indicates the birth of their 10th album inviting you to a journey into a far-out world of dream dub-rockadelic, sonic insanity or, to paraphrase all of this: "How Dope, Mozart, FM4 Radio, Guerilla Rastafarians and AMS helped Vienna noise dub pioneers create one of the most unsettling records of all-time!"

Immigration Dub will feature Ariup, Gudrun, a remix by the legendary bastard-reggae producer JSTAR from London, the one and only Ken Booth, Devon D & Truman Chewstick from Kingston/Jamaica, 3gga from Nigeria, Doug Cox, Todd Butler from B.C./Canada and the original dudes back at work.

Troublecompressor Headquarter