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Hi-NRG Dub

Dubblestandart started in the early 90s and chose dub music as their musical lodestar. Working for Dillinger, Lee Perry, Topcat, Lilian Allen or Ari Up as backing band, releasing productions since 1988 in the name of dub.Touring Austria,Poland,Czech Republic,Canada in summer 08 with Subatomic Soundsystem from New York city.

Ton loads of remixes & collaborations featuring Sly & Robbie, Dillinger, Mad Professor, Ken Boothe, Manasseh, Dreadzone, The Rootsman,Sounds From The Ground a.o.

European bass guerrilla cuts driven by political awareness and spaced out sounds. Expect hi-energy live shows and smoothened out studio productions all based on a strong commitment to original reggae and dub. Currently in the studio with Ariup & Lee Scratch Perry producing their forthcoming longplayer ? Return To Planet Dub?.

Dec 2008: New 12inch(release Europe, Canada & USA Dec08/Japan Feb09) on Collison (Germany) will feature Dubstep remixes from Subatomic Soundsystem (NY), Tom Watson (Paris), Runnershigh (Vienna) reworking original Ariup/Lee Perry/Prince Far-I/Dub Syndicate material in a heavy weight 21st century style. Yes, it?s the dub virus sprawling??.!!!

Watch pictures from the just finished tour! => the DJ tour with Subatomic Soundsystem & Paul Zasky from Dubblestandart

March/April 2009 => Watch out for European dates in Austria, Czech Republic & Poland


Viennas Dub band will return to the festival circuit by March 2009 playing dates in Germany, Austria & Switzerland/June-July 2009 Germany, Italy,Canada.

The new Dubblestandart album "Return From Planet Dub" will hit stores by March 2009.


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