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Transmitting from the heart of Europe, Viennas Dubblestandart reconstruct classic dub reggae into 21st century bass music. As a 4 piece band their influences range from post punk, industrial to new wave with the lively breath of Dub Reggae. Dub, the predecessor of today’s approach to hip hop, techno, drum n bass or trap, originated in Jamaica during the early 70s when Lee Perry, King Tubby a.o. showed the way to today’s known styles and production technics. Dubblestandart is humbled to have worked with some of their idols: Ariup from the Slits, Dillinger, Ken Boothe, Mikey Dread, Marcia Griffiths, Lee Perry, Mad Professor, Adrian Sherwood to drop some names.

If u're lucky u might have got the legendary Return From Planet Dub album that brought them together with film director David Lynch, Lee Perry, Ariup & Rob Smith aka RSD. If u where even more lucky u might have seen one of their rare live appearances, backing up Martha Griffiths in Sweden, Lee Perry in Central Park NYC or India’s top ranking singers Dehli Sultanate & Begum X in Goa, India. But Dubblestandart is at their best when left alone, incorporating all types of styles into their unique blend of Eurotopian Live Dub.

They started back in 1988 in a 2nd district basement aka The Controller Station in Vienna located just around the block of the famous Flex Club at a time when Dub was barely existent in most parts of Europe. Sugar B was hanging in there, then starting the legendary Dub Club in Flex, as well as Spiral Tribe, a legendary Techno Sound System, Roots Controller and many of the now forgotten Viennese underground pioneers. Since then 14 Albums, a number of 12inches as well as around 80 album compilations featuring DS tracks, have been released. Since 2002 they are signed to the German Dub Label Echo Beach/Collision Records. Dubblestandart is ready to perform live in clubs as well as headlining independent & classic reggae festivals, open to support new emerging artists with feature appearances.

Dubblestandart’s new long player DUB REALISTIC will question the digital life style, the media wars and the hollow consumerism of our society, answering with a positive musical outlook. Coming 2016.

Since 2010 Paul Zasky (Bass Player, founder of Dubblestandart) has been touring with Emch from Subatomic Sound System, Larry MacDonald from The Skatalites and Lee Scratch Perry on Perrys North Amercian tour dates, spreading the vibes of Dubblestandart’s unique sound also across the US. Since 2009 Zasky & Emch produced several 12inches & digital releases fusing Dubblestandart tracks with modern bass music elements, feat. Anthony B, Elephant Man, David Lynch or Lee Perry, shaping the bass music trend at an early stage.

Boomkat product review for:Dubblestandart - Marijuana Dreams

Latest excursion from Vienna's Dubblestandart, bringing Anthony B, Elephant Man, Lee Scratch Perry, William S. Burroughs, and David Lynch for a wee smokey smoke. Firstly we should point out that it's not big, and it's not clever to smoke Marijuana, and besides, it's a well known fact that regular smokers don't tend to remember their dreams anyway! Expect 14 deep and hazy dub recollections, ranging from full vocal cuts like the digi-stepper 'Vampire Informer' with Elephant Man, to the abstract murmurings of David Lynch and Lee Perry on the sparse and spacious 'Optimism Dub', or an ambient dub version of 'Saints Go Marchin' Through All The Popular Tunes'. Got any roach mate?

Dubblestandart: Marijuana Dreams [Collision Cause of Chapter 3, 2010]

CD Review: Dubblestandart, Marijuana Dreams

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| December 7, 2010

The cover promo blurb said "feat. Anthony B., Elephant Man, Lee Scratch Perry, William S. Burroughs, David Lynch, a.o.!", therefore I approached this latest Dubblestandart release with some foreboding. No, it's not Elephant Man I fear, scary though he tries to be. It's Scratch. Last time out with Dubblestandart, he was ridiculously and childishly profane, a tiresome caricature of his former self, thus a disappointment. Not that the others involved with that last one were inspired either.But this new disc is quite good: interesting textures, endless groove and sufficient variety thanks mostly to the guest artists. On his four tracks Perry presents only his winsome side, which means his usual playfulness and trademark utterances - nothing you haven't heard from him before, probably, but amusing enough. As for the other guests, it's William Burroughs' idiosyncratic spoken proclamations, sound appropriately distorted, that stand out.

On to Dubblestandart themselves. Their music (like its cousin, traditional reggae) is dance music, which by definition provides less sustenance to the brain than to the body. So the beat just keeps beating away, tempo often slow, with the other musical elements pretty much in subservience. And yet it would be dumb to deny the melodic appeal that surfaces now and then, or the occasional funkiness in the rhythms, or the experimentation apparent in the dubs. As for the lyrics, sorry, nothing's worth quoting.

On balance, clearly Marijuana Dreams has more to offer than most of its dance trance prance techno disco blissco rivals. It's probably strongest around the middle, starting with "They Became One" and continuing through the Burroughs's track "Saints Go Marchin' Through All The Popular Tunes" and "Chase The Devil (Sin City Mix)." Those and a few other tracks are sufficiently involving to rate your attention, whether or not you feel like dancing.

CraterTech/KKFI (Review)CraterTech Magazine
Dubblestandart - Marijuana Dreams

Inside their 12th album in history we get the very expansive marrow of the group. This is a marvelously bright showpiece, with more extended songs and dynamic sounds than the others. To solve those old and obstinate problems in disc recording they utilized the recording studios in Kingston, Jamaica, The Bronx in NY and their own in Vienna. Incorporating new sounds in dubbed out forms, and rich textures that really put them a new light. With guest vocals by Lee "Scratch" Perry and William Burroughs, Elephant Man, and David Lynch they weave a mystical spell of dub for the old and young. In hopes that all people will become one Rasta nation, they take the lead inproducing a solid entity of tight rhythms and verse.
Posted on October 6, 2010 by radionic

Dubblestandart - Marijuana Dreams - 2010

There is always good music floating around in this wonderful world of ours that still has not been heard enough. Take Dubblestandart for example, they are a dub band from Vienna, Austria who have released 11 studio albums. Marijuana Dreams was my first introduction to their work and its one of those eye openers that prompts the thought: "who the hell are these guys and why do I not know about them?" 11 albums is a lot to go through but I will tell you that they regularly work with Lee "Scratch" Perry who rarely does any recording these days and has lent out his vocals to their albums (as well as being their backing band at live shows) on a few occasions. If your a legend and you rarely record, its obvious that Dubblestandart's music inspires Lee enough to record. Below is my favorite track from Marijuana Dreams.

Sinning in LA
Dubblestandart - Marijuana Dreams

I've certainly made no secret about my intense love affair with the big bass lines found in dub reggae music and they really don't come any better than on Dubblestandart's latest release.This progressive outfit continue to be one of the best acts at mixing modern electronics with real roots reggae vibes and on this aptly titled disc, they somehow feature guest appearances by none other than dub legend Lee 'Scratch' Perry and cinematic virtuoso David Lynch of all people. Despite the odd pairing, it's the unconventional mixing with the traditional that makes this disc such a delight to the ears. Crossing multiple genres, all with a reggae pulse, this comes highly recommended for both beat and cannabis connoisseurs alike.

The Beat Magazine

Enjoying the Dubblestandart Marijuana Dreams release. I played the title track on Reggae Central last Sunday. The show is archived for two weeks at KPFK.ORG (choose Audio Archives, then Reggae Central and punch play). Playlists are also logged by date (09/12 in this case). KPFK has the strongest signal West of the Mississipi with 112,000 Watts covering all of Southern California from San Diego to Santa Barbara and the "inland empire."

One of the most important production teams actively creating and mutating dub in Europe, Dubblestandart from Vienna have been keeping a uniquely inspiring version of the dub flame alive for the last two decades.

Formed in 1988 the group was heavily inspired by the sounds from legendary dub space, the Black Ark, Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound label, sound system operator, Jah Shaka, infusing these dub influences within their own heady blend of hardcore reggae and new wave. In demand as a live backing band (Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Dillinger, Top Cat, Lilian Allen & Ari Up) as well as for their studio creations, Dubblestandart was becoming an international Dub act with performances in Europe, Canada and the USA.

"Marijuana Dreams", the bands 12th album in history is showing DS international and outraging status and shows a series of splendid collaborations (including Anthony B., Elephant Man, William S. Burroughs, David Lynch, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Trigga) recorded in Kingston-Jamaica, the Bronx in New York and the band's own studio in Vienna.

Dubblestandart's handling of this mission has been exemplary: the productions are pleasingly individualistic, retaining plenty of originality and professionalism without seeming stoic, dull or contrived.

We've chosen the following selection from material that you've sent to our studios for airplay and would love for you to share this information with your fans/friends/supporters so that they can tune in to listen to your music, along with many other fantastic artists on WomensRadio!

Thu. Oct 14, 2010
Dubblestandart meets Lee Perry & David Lynch & Subatomic Sound Chrome Optimism

In 2008, NYC based Subatomic Sound teamed up with Vienna's dub masters Dubblestandart to begin a series of limited edition 12" vinyl exclusives that brought together iconic originators in the history of dub reggae with the gritty underground vibes of the dubstep movement.The lead 12", "Iron Devil", included the first ever dubstep tracks from both Lee Scratch Perry and Prince Far-I, produced in collaboration with Dubblestandart and remixed by Subatomic Sound System and Paris' Tom Watson.Released on hand stamped vinyl in vintage Jamaican jackets, "Iron Devil" disappeared from shelves worldwide in less than a week.In 2009, the follow up vinyl was dedicated to an explosive pairing of Lee 'Scratch' Perry with rising Brooklyn dancehall reggae star Jahdan Blakkamoore that revisited Perry's '70s classic "Blackboard Jungle" off the seminal album of the same name, a cornerstone of dub reggae that featured Scratch and King Tubby at the controls.A shot heard round the world, this collaboration culminated that July with a capacity concert in NYC's Central Park with Lee Perry, Dubblestandart, Subatomic Sound System, & Jahdan Blakkamoore.

The third 12" in the series is entitled "Chrome Optimism" and on this release Dubblestandart brings together the most unbelievable combination yet, a world class summit of mad genius: Jamaican dub originator Lee 'Scratch' Perry together with iconic American filmmaker David Lynch, plus as an added bonus, famed French avant garde composer Jean-Michel Jarre. On "Chrome Optimism", Scratch exercises his inimitable gift to juxtapose spirituality with humor through wordplay that walks a line between nonsense and profundity: "Hello, Hell is very low and Heaven is very, very high!"David Lynch responds with equally mind twisting metaphors like "Euphoric, chrome optimism" and mantras like "The ideas tell you how they want to be", describing his powerful experience and obsession with transcendental meditation.The otherworldy melody from Jean-Michel Jarre's famous composition "Oxygen Part 4" floats over the top. Vienna's Dubblestandart, NYC's Subatomic Sound System, & Bristol's RSD switch up the musical vibes beneath, moving from hard charging dubstep to Perry's classic dub reggae to spacey soundscapes typical of Lynch & Jarre aesthetics.

The "Chrome Optimism" vinyl EP features two remixes from Subatomic Sound System, kicking off the A side with the first, a bombastic distorted sub-bass heavy beast that threatens to define a new genre somewhere between dubstep, dub reggae, and the twisted ambience of David Lynch's film scores. Dubblestandart counters with a deep and minimal downtempo dub version of "Chrome Optimism" that balances on a line between a wide open David Lynch film soundtrack, the wild sound experimentalism of Perry, and Jarre's out of body ambient melodies.

The B side of "Chrome Optimism" kicks back in full force with originator of the Bristol, UK dubstep scene, producer RSD (also known as Rob Smith of Smith & Mighty) delivering a hard hitting remix of the Perry & Dubblestandart track "I Do Voodoo", a guaranteed sureshot to satisfy the UK dubstep crowd.Following RSD is a second Subatomic Sound System remix that brings it back to Perry's Superape era for a rootical dubstep relick of his tune with Dubblestandart entitled "Deadly Funny" (originally also on the "Chrome Optimism" riddim), but this time revisting his classic 70s style, adding not only the ghost of Augustus Pablo on melodica, but also drums and bass big and bad enough knock out a dubstep club crowd.
Souljah Green Beret Productions
June 5, 2009

"Return From Planet Dub" is already Dubblestandart's 11th album. To readers of this website they might be known only for their contribution to the first volume of "Dancehallfieber Vol. 1" "Das Ventil", a take on Bob Andy's (Marcia's) "Fire Burning". This Austrian dub collective, founded in 1988 by Paul Zasky, Robbie Ost, Martin Marek and Gerhard Warnung, first started with the production of experimental dub tapes and hard-core dub reggae live-shows with Christoph Kaiaba aka Rootscontroller on the microphone. Each of the members having grown up in a middle-class environment, the Dubblestandart musicians came together between the ages of 17 and 19 and soon embodied a kind of rebellious image within the conservative Austrian pop scene. The dub scene in Austria was nonexistent at the time, so it was Dubblestandart doing their thing, basing everything they did on reggae and dub: inspired by people like the Upsetters' Black Ark sound, I-Roy, On-U-Sound, Jah Shaka and the rest of the reggae & dubadelics, Dubblestandart developed a different kind of reggae - one influenced by post-new wave and psychedelic pop.

This double-album "Return From Planet Dub", with its promo-copy marked: for promotional use only: do not eat or sell! - courtesy of M?nster, Germany based reggae-shop Irie Records, my favourite address for reggae, providing an extremely reliable mail order service (from mainstream to rare ska, reggae and dancehall) and a great knowledgeable owner making it worthwile to visit the shop if you can AND offering this double album for the limited period of time till its releasedate on June 5th for only EUR 18,99 - makes clear Dubblestandart was heavily influenced over the years by the on the album featured reggae legend Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Adrian Sherwood's On-U-Sound and later on of course their own Vienna environment, that in the almost 20 years they are operating now, has become a center of the Austrian/German/UK 'nu-dub'/lounge/downtempo scene.

A scene covered on these pages in the reviews of Rodney Hunter's "Hunter Files", Tosca's "J.A.C." and "Souvenirs" by Tosca - featuring one half of Austria's G-Stone masters Kruder & Dorfmeister, Richard Dorfmeister alongside Rupert Huber, and that of the other half of Kruder & Dorfmeister, Peter Kruder, taking the spotlight alongside Christian Prommer and Roland Appel from M?nchen, who are not only Fauna Flash but also 2/3 of Rainer Tr?by's Tr?by Trio, and the three of them together as VoomVoom having released their debut album "Peng Peng", as well as Richard Dorfmeister again, alongside Madrid de los Austrias for their "Grand Slam" album. And of course the excellent article Dub Revolution by Gregory Stephens, and several reviews featured on these pages of music coming from the closely to the Austrian scene linked Berlin camp around Basic Channel and especially Basic Channel's 'partner in crime' Paul St. Hilaire.

And now, on the heels of the Japan-only released superb Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Adrian Sherwood collaboration "Dubsetter" - also available at Irie Records - once more, aided by the superb backings provided by Dubblestandart with strong own compositions but masterfully relicking some of Lee 'Scratch' Perry's most famous riddims as well, Lee Perry shines as a (mad) vocalist, alongside house chanteuse Gudrun from Vienna and former punk-icon Ari Up of On-U-Sound's New Age Steppers and The Slits. The album opens with a smashing take on Max Romeo's classic Lee Perry produced "Chase The Devil" followed by the excellent "Let 'em Take It Dub" and a wonderful vocal take on Perry's own classic "Blackboard Jungle" riddim. Then Lee Perry goes all the way in getting triple-X-rated in "Fungus Rock" commenting on oral bedroom practices more explicit than the most hardcore dancehall deejay.

Fareast melodies bring back the days when Lee Perry was completed obsessed by China and Kung Fu as he explains how the "I Foo China" alongside Gudrun, over a riddim and with a chorus heavily inspired by his 'Lee Scratch Perry On The Wire' riddim and then he revisits his 1970s works for "Give Thanks & Praises (Megaton 3)" getting back to his "Megaton" dub series. The weirdest musical thing happening on this album is however not any of Perry's lyrics or one of his older riddims, it's the use of Jean-Michel Jarre's "Oxygen" for the brilliant "Deadly Funny - Oxygen Pt. 4", followed by the very nice "I Do Voodoo Dub" featuring Gudrun again alongside Scratch in a nu-dub setting, "Surrender Dub", "Idiots Dub" and "Kingston Dancehall Dub" all having Ari Up's vocals floating in and out of the mix in a dubstep-style. The last tune on the first disc is a great political statement incorporating fareastern scales in a dub reworking of the tune "Greetings From Evil Empire" from 2004's "Heavy Heavy Monster Dub Album" for Myanmar, the excellent "Evil Burma Dub".

Although the last 4 tunes on the first disc are also tunes, it is safe to say that this second is the extremely well done dub and remix disc. The first tune is again based on Jean-Michel Jarre's synthesizer anthem, this time with samples from an interview with movie and TV-series director David Lynch reworked as "Chrome Optimism - Oxygen Pt. 4 Dub" and 5 more tunes from the first disc get the very fine Dub(blestandart)(-step) treatment as well as - coupled with Lee Perry's "Defending Rights & Justice" - Ari Up's "Island Girl Dub" (a vocal from Dubblestandart's "Are You Experienced" that was also remixed for the wonderful 2007 album "Immigration Dub"). Birmingham'sG-Corp electro-dub-house pioneers contribute the mindblowing dubstep "Chase The Devil (G-Corp RMX)" followed by Rob Smith (of Smith & Mighty) also venturing into dubstep territory for the "I Do Voodoo (Rob Smith RMX)".

Then it's back to "Immigration Dub" for Tom Watson's dubstep remix of Truman Chewstick vocals, accompanied by the original rockstone deejay vocals of the late and great Prince Far I sampled in the cover of Dub Syndicate's "Wadada (Means Love)". NYC's Subatomic Sound System drop another lethal dubstep with their "Blackboard Jungle Dub (Subatomic Sound RMX)" before another tune from "Immigration Dub" is presented in the "We All Have To Get High (Tom Watson RMX)" featuring Devon D. (Dubblestandart's Jamaican partner Devon Denton) and then this superb double album is brought to a close with the "Love Machine (Dubblestandart RMX)" by Supermax featuring Trueman Chewstick closing two hours of great dub downtempo and dubstep inspired by Lee Perry's own Black Ark productions and Adrian Sherwood's On-U-Sound and combining the best of all of these influences into one aural trip that needs to be heard.

The band's 12th album is showing Dubblestandart's international outraging status, including a series of exceptional forward-looking collaborations with the mighty Lee Scratch Perry on four tracks, GuGabriel aka Gudrun Liemberger on three tracks, American filmmaker and visual artist David Lynch, top Jamaican artists Anthony B and Elephant Man, and the posthumous voice and art of the American novelist, poet, essayist, painter and spoken word performer William S. Burroughs.
"Marijuana Dreams" was recorded in Kingston, Jamaica, the Bronx, NY, and the band's own studio in Vienna, Austria. Dubblestandart's handling of this mission has been exemplary: the productions are pleasingly individualistic, retaining plenty of originality and professionalism without seeming stoic, dull or contrived.
Boomkat review for:

Dubblestandart meets Lee Scratch Perry & David Lynch - Chrome Optimism / I Do Voodoo (RSD Mix)

Bloody weird record this; a "collaboration" between David Lynch, Lee Scratch Perry and Vienna's Dubblestandart dub collective, backed with an RSD remix. Honestly! To be fair, they are really stretching the "meets" concept, as aside from their pictures on the artwork, messrs Lynch and Perry's voices only crop up a handful of times, and we can't really see Lynch getting down in the studio, but who knows, eh? Their 'Chrome Optimism' cut is a dramatic bit of dubstep rollidge, not the wobble kind but the stoned 'n psyched type made for lumberskanking and such. The Dubblestandart Dub takes this vibe even further with a 70bpm dub shuffle, while RSD revises Perry's 'I Do Voodoo' as a standardly heavy Bristol bass mover and Subatomic Sound System's 'Deadly Funny' goes for a double-timed limbre-skank. Mad as.

Dubblestandart meets David Lynch & Lee Scratch Perry: "Chrome Optimism" Subatomic Sound System rmx
by admin on Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

"Chrome Optimism" (Subatomic Sound System rmx) HD version | Remixes out now on ltd edition 12" vinyl and iTunes digital from SUBSCRIBE TO THE SUBATOMIC SOUND YouTube CHANNEL TO SEE MORE UPCOMING VIDEOS. Listen here Directed by Tokiori. Remix video re-edited by Emch. The music also features a gracious contribution from renowned French electronic musician Jean Michel Jarre, his melody from his classic "Oxygene Part 4" composition. Vocals are done by iconic American filmmaker David Lynch and Jamaican dub reggae inventor Lee "Scratch" Perry. What a combination! The original "Chrome Optimism" track is by Dubblestandart (Vienna) and this remix here is by Subatomic Sound System (NYC). International 21st century dub vibrations for a higher consciousness.